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The Mulberry Philosophy

The User Is a Partner, not a Patient

We don’t deliver cures for document diseases; we help users to make informed decisions about their information, authoring and display applications, and document management systems. Content owners (authors, editors, and users) are the only people who can make appropriate decisions on the design of their information structures and applications. We help them buy products and services based on their own needs and priorities and to maintain their own production systems.

Design to Describe Information, not to Accommodate Tools

XML applications should be constructed around the nature and structure of the information: applications must be customized to meet the needs of the users. Information structures and the appropriate encoding of the information must always be higher priority than accommodating the limitations of a particular tool.

To Get the Benefits You Must Play by the Rules

XML applications will only realize their full potential if the XML specification and related recommendations are strictly followed. Development and interchange are significantly enhanced if public vocabularies are used when available. Styles associated with XML applications should use XSL to the extent possible.

The Application Isn’t Complete without Documentation

Documentation is key to the longevity of information, information structures, and applications. All Mulberry information products are fully documented, and users are urged to keep documentation updated as applications evolve.

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