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SGML Services

Consulting. Mulberry Technologies, Inc., provides support for SGML applications. We help clients to expand or modify their current DTDs and SGML infrastructure, and to develop new DTDs as needed. While Mulberry is unlikely to advise a user to create a new SGML application, we are happy to support clients as they maintain existing SGML environments.

Migration. One of the reasons that XML has replaced SGML in most environments is because there are many new, powerful, and affordable tools to create, manage, manipulate, and publish from XML. Because of the quality of the XML tool base, we suggest that instead of making significant investments in SGML applications, SGML users who need changes to the their SGML systems convert to XML. We provide assistance in planning this conversion, creating new models (DTDs, XSDs, or RELAX NG schemas), and converting documents and processes to XML.

Design. Mulberry’s approach to design in an SGML environment is quite conservative. We will help clients introduce new content and structures into an SGML application that is still meeting most current needs and will help SGML users simplify their SGML so that it is easier to maintain and so that migration to XML will be easier if that becomes appropriate.

IV&Vs. There is no substitute for a second pair of eyes, and an experienced eye is even better. We provide a “look over your shoulder” – for each other, as well as for clients. The earlier someone says “It would work better if ...”, the less it costs to make the change. In an SGML IV&V, we also look for the use of features that may make processing more difficult or impede conversion to XML.

Classes. We aim to provide class participants with the knowledge and experience to understand and maintain their own SGML applications. We teach not only SGML principles and practices: we also teach students how to read the SGML specification.