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XML Training: Working with Files

Introduction to SGML Tagging

(2-day course, with hands-on computer exercises)

This practical 2-day class focuses on how to understand and create SGML files, and covers common uses of SGML tools on PC or Macintosh. In a combination of lecture and hands-on computer exercises, participants learn to read and use the types of SGML files typically encountered: SGML documents, DTDs, catalogs, and tag libraries. Students learn the nuts and bolts of SGML syntax, how to use SGML tools to create valid SGML documents, and how DTDs work in an SGML application.

Prerequisites: Participants need to know how to create and manipulate files, the basics of text editing, and how to create documents for some presentation application (e.g., QuarkXPress, Ventura Publisher, PageMaker, FrameMaker, or an HTML browser).