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XML Training: Introductions to the Standards


(3-day hands-on introduction to SGML and DTD construction)

If your world is SGML and likely to remain so, here is a basic SGML course to teach both concepts and syntax. After instruction on the rationale behind generic markup and SGML, students learn to:

By the end of the class, students are conversant with these concepts and have written and modified a DTD and valid SGML document. They have also learned about the various software components of an SGML application (e.g., parsers, editors) and the factors to weigh when choosing an application. Typesetters, programmers, managers, subject-matter experts, and copy-editors have all taken this class successfully.

Prerequisites: Participants need to know how to create and manipulate files, the basics of text editing, and how to create documents for some presentation application (e.g., QuarkXPress, Ventura Publisher, PageMaker, FrameMaker, or an HTML browser).

If your world is SGML now but will become XML soon, we suggest instead the XML Basics for Text Processing course, during which the differences between XML and SGML are covered. All Mulberry technical staff have both SGML and XML experience.