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Mulberry Technologies, Inc., is an XML and SGML consultancy specializing in applications that have a text design, processing, interchange, or display component.

We provide advice and support for such implementations, run facilitated Document Analysis sessions, write DTDs and schemas, teach XML and XSLT classes, specify and test software, and help with hardware/software selection and with workflow and process reorganization.

We have experience putting together industry-wide XML Tag Sets (documented DTDs and schemas); for example, we developed and maintain the JATS Tag Sets for journal articles and books. We help users decide if a public model is appropriate for their needs and help them determine how to modify an industry DTD or schema to meet particular needs.

To organizations considering the use of XML and/or SGML in their publication or data processes, we provide a number of services:

Members of Mulberry’s staff have been active in SGML since 1984 and in XML since 1996. We have extensive experience in the development and maintenance of SGML and XML applications.

Mulberry hosts XSL-List, the JATS-List, and produces Balisage: The Markup Conference. Members of Mulberry’s staff are active in standards developments and speak regularly at conferences.